what is romance

What is Romance?

Romance can enhance a relationship

Romance is a feeling of excitement and mystery associated with love. That’s one definition I found and I feel that is accurate, but romance can be subjective. Romance is the feeling between two people, an energy that fills the room, makes us weak in the knees, and gives us a desire to connect. When we are young most of us are taught about romance from the media, music, movies, TV shows, plays, books, etc. Those ideas are often so big, it’s hard to keep up. Then if we were lucky enough to have experienced romance in our homes through seeing family members or others showing romantic gestures and saying loving words, we have some idea or real romance.

We have witnessed the feelings that romance can bring to people. Smiles and joy. It can be quite magical.

So I ask you, do you believe in romance, have you experienced the high sensations being romantic can bring you or someone else. If you are like me then you believe there is a lack of true romance, not fantasy romance but true romance. Now I am not knocking the fantasy idea of romance but it should be used to inspire but not the sole idea of what romance should look like.

I am here to encourage men and women to look at romance in more of an individualistic way. Look at the person you want to romance, their personality, their habits, their dreams, and lifestyle.

Being romantic doesn’t have to be a difficult undertaking, it can be small gestures that are practiced daily with your lover or friend.

Romance can also be self fulfilling, there is something magical in grabbing a great romantic novel, a bubble bath, candles, and a some fun. Self pleasure is also a part of romance, learn to romance ourselves and we will be better at romancing others.

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