date night ideas

Date Night Ideas

10 Romantic Date Night Ideas

Date nights are essential to a couples romantic life, they are a chance for two people to really just focus on each other. ┬áIf you aren’t doing date nights then you are seriously missing out. I recommend at least 1 date night a week. As long as it’s consistent. Some of these ideas are better for getting to someone new and some are great for long term couples. These are not in any order.

1. The classic dinner and a movie but here is an idea to shake it up. Make dinner together at home then watch some “late night” tv.

2. Have a lunch picnic in the park. Make a few sandwiches, grab a bottle of wine, and take a blanket to the grass. Listen to music, talk, and enjoy.

3. Go star gazing at a planetarium or field. Star gazing is so romantic, you can just lie back, cuddle and gaze at the stars while holding each other close.

4. Go bowling, a little friendly competition can be intimate, just don’t forget to flirt.

5. Become an artist and paint each other in the nude. This reminds me of course of the movie “Titanic” it’s sexy and creative.

6. Call in sick and stay in bed. Spending a day relaxing, showering, eating, napping, and other things together can be very romantic.

7. Take a drive. Play some tunes and enjoy the ride together, drive up a coast, or find a special spot with a great view.

8. Dress up nicely and go out dancing. Dancing is such a hot way to get close. Not ready to hit the clubs, try a dance class. Enjoy getting close and personal, it’s awesome for play.

9. Similar to the painting idea, how about at home photo shoot, dress up sexy lingerie or nude, whichever you two fancy and embrace your sensual side.

10. Find a new restaurant to try that neither one of you has been too, have a meal and flirt.


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