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Using Candles

Candlelight and It’s Amazingness

Ok, here it goes, I am addicted to candlelight. I use it for atmosphere, the scent and the feel. Candlelight is perfect for setting the mood of a room for either relaxing or for romance and intimacy. Today, let’s talk about using candles for romance and intimacy.

Here are my top 4 reasons for using candles to set the mood.

*Please be careful using candles, they are fire.

1. Candlelight is a perfect blend of light and dark. Romance in a bright room can be fun sometimes but other times romance is best served in a beautifully candlelit room. It can accentuate the body and skin. Leaving areas of you glowing. Which I think enhances an experience.

2. The scent from candles can be magic, if you enjoy an aroma outside of the normal house smell your accustomed too, then candles are much better for the air then those spray deodorizers, stay away from those! Candles can burn over a long period of time and keep the wonderful smells going. Also, certain scents can arouse, check out Rose or Jasmine.

3. They are inexpensive romantic touches. I am telling you can buy 4 big candles for under 5 dollars and it can set the mood like no other.

4. The variety is endless. I’m not a candle collector but there are so just so many amazing scents, colors, and shapes of candles, you can find a candle for any “occasion”.

*Tip: If you want to try the lots of candles in a room say 20 or more I definitely suggest using tealight candles, they are small and don’t burn for too long and are contained. Also, make sure to use precautions when setting up candles, you know the whole fire hazard thing.

For even more of a romantic touch, add a few rose petals to the mix.

If you believe candles are capable of setting a romantic mood please comment below.

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