Welcome Reader, I would like to welcome you to my romance driven website and tell you a little about it. Today I feel like the idea of romance continues to disappear and I firmly believe it doesn’t have to. In hopes that there are others like myself out there, I built a way for us to connect.

I made this website in hopes that people will come and find ideas on how to improve their romantic lives, to get away with a great romantic novel, or to ask a question and receive a genuine answer. Am I a expert on romance, absolutely.

I absolutely love it and believe in its potential. Romance can ignite a relationship and keep the flame rising and burning for years to come. So, this website can be used a tool for anyone looking to bring more romance into their life, regardless of relationship status.

Hope you enjoy the website.

This Week’s Romance Poll and Question


Dear TMOR,

My girlfriend and I have been dating for 3 months and we tend fight about me not being romantic enough. I get discouraged about being romantic because I don’t have a lot of money to spend and it seems like nice dinners and jewelry are the only way.  What are some ways I could romance her on the cheap?



Dear Avenger24,

Great news, true romance doesn’t have to cost a thing. Depending if your girlfriend is only dating you for money, which that probably isn’t the case, she will appreciate any gesture of romance. The thought and effort does count in romance more than anything else. Here is my advice, I would just start with a simple and sweet walk in the park or on a beach, which ever you prefer. Time to hold hands, kiss her, give her a compliment or two. Basically, just pay attention to her for one whole hour. If she is cold, help her warm up. Be present as you two take a walk.

Completely free and totally romantic.

Hope this helps.

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